Different Classifications And Uses Of Drill Bits

Different Classifications And Uses Of Drill Bits


A drill is a handy tool that can benefit everyone, and to make sure you don't damage the material you are drilling into, you must use the right drill. Below is a complete list of the most common drills and their uses. Read on to find the best drill for your project.

Different Classifications And Uses Of Drill Bits
A drill is a handy tool that can benefit everyone, from DIYers to professional craftsmen. However, to ensure that you don't damage the material you are trying to drill into, you must use the correct drill.
Below is a complete list of the most common drills and their uses. Read on to find the best drill for your project.

1. Twist drills

 Most modern twist drills are made of high-speed steel. HSS is a high carbon tool steel with a red hardness of about 650°c; they resemble corkscrews and are some of the most popular drill bits. They are often used to drill small holes in wood and walls. Their unique design allows them to direct dust from the holes as they work.

2. Brad point drill

The cleanest, straightest, and most accurately sized wood holes of any affordable tool on the market today. Even if the hole is not at a 90-degree angle to the surface, the angle at the center of the point allows for accurate positioning when starting the hole. The profile accentuates the wood grain and leaves a clean edge around the opening of the hole without sanding. The spurs continue to cut through the wood while drilling and produce holes of precise size. In most woods, spurs also help create a cleaner edge when drilling the back of the wood.

3. Masonry drill bits

Masonry drill bits are suitable for concrete because they are made of tungsten carbide material and are designed to drill into hard hard materials such as concrete, blocks, or stones. Due to the tough nature of these materials, masonry bits wear out quickly, which means you'll need to replace them frequently.

4. Rivet bit

The rivet bit is specially designed to drill rivets into thin metal sheets.

5. Spade bits

Spade bits are almost always made of tool steel, a type of steel with a high carbon content designed to be hard and strong. Tool steel is not as hard as high-speed steel (HSS) used in some other drills. Spade bits have a spade tip that allows them to drill into the cork. They are often used to create holes for running cables.

6. Installer bits

Professionals use mounting bits to drill holes to install wiring for entertainment or security systems. The tip of the drill has a small hole where you can insert the wire you want to pass through the material. Mounting bits are very long, up to 18 inches long, to facilitate their work.

7. Step bits

Named for the tips that resemble a series of pyramid-shaped steps, these bits are used by professionals to drill into sheet metal. Their stepped design allows you to create holes with different diameters. Step drills are known for their versatility.

8. Auger bits

These are the drill bits used when looking to drill into thick, dry wood. Thanks to its innovative design, you don't have to apply a lot of pressure when drilling into hard materials. Auger bits have a screw tip that creates the initial hole for the rest of the bit to drop. Therefore, the holes of the auger are very clean and precise.

9. Self-feeding bit

Like the auger bit, the self-feeding bit also has a screw tip for positioning the bit. They also create clean, precise holes. However, since they do not direct dust out of the holes while they work, you must periodically stop the operation to remove the dust.

10. Forstner bits

These types of bits are the tools you'll use when you're looking to drill holes in the woods. The drill also comes with a pointed tip for easy positioning of the drill.

Also known as a hole cutter, it is a circular (ring) shaped saw blade whose circular-cut forms a hole in the workpiece without cutting the core material. It is used for drill bits. Hole saws usually have a pilot bit in their center to keep the teeth from moving. The fact that hole saws can create holes without cutting a core often makes relatively large holes (especially those larger than 25 mm (1.0 in)) more suitable for a twist or spade drilling. The same holes can be made faster and use less power.

12. Countersink bits

These are versatile drill bits that allow you to drill countersunk, countersink, and pilot holes in wood.

13. Plug cutters

Plug cutters are helpful in professional projects because they drill holes in the wood when cutting corks to hide embedded fasteners.

14. Tile bits

These drill bits have carbide tips that allow you to drill holes in tile without chipping or cracking in the tile. Different tile drills are designed for different types of tiles. So make sure to check its packaging to confirm it can drill into your tiles.

15. Adjustable wood bits

As their name suggests, these types of drill bits can be adjusted to create holes of different sizes, eliminating the need to buy different-sized bits.

16. Ring cutters

These types of drills have a special design that allows them to drill holes in the material to extract its core.

Metal drills are designed for heavy-duty jobs, such as cutting steel. They are one of the most expensive parts out there. Metal bits are versatile and work with a variety of metals, including steel as well as wood or plastic. Fully ground metal bits for easy cleaning. Available as single and multi-piece kits. Compatible with most brands of drill bits.

18. Glass and tile drill

This is a special type of drill that can drill through plastic, tile, glass, marble, and brick. They can also withstand high temperatures.

19. Hammer

When determining the humidity in the concrete slab, you can use the hammer to create precise holes in the concrete slab.

20. Bullet bit

The last type of drill on our list is the bullet drill. This is a special drill that can drill through wood, plastic, and metal. They create very clean holes.

Drills come in all shapes and sizes. The ideal drill is the one that best suits your needs. Consider buying a drill bit kit as it comes with different types of bits to ensure you can find the bit you need in time. If you want to continue to know about drill bits, you can contact us.

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