What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Diamond Saw Blades?

What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Diamond Saw Blades?


This article will specifically introduce the matters needing attention in the use of diamond blades to obtain better cutting results.

What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Diamond Saw Blades?
 some precautions for using diamond blades

Diamond is currently a known mineral material with high hardness and good thermal conductivity and is an ideal material for making cutting tools. Diamond inserts have the characteristics of extremely high hardness and wear resistance, low friction coefficient, sharp cutting, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and low affinity with non-ferrous metals. The cutting effect of the diamond blade can only be guaranteed if the diamond blade is used correctly by following these steps.

1. Correctly choose the cutting machine

We need to pay special attention to the power, speed, rigidity, and precision of the cutting machine.

Diamond saw blades below ¢150 should use 1~1.5KW, speed 7255~14500r.pm adjustable speed cutting machine, ¢150~230 saw blades should use 1.5~3KW, speed 4000~11000r.pm adjustable speed cutting machine; medium diameter stone saw blades should use 15hp (electric) or more, line speed 20~60m/s adjustable speed cutting machine, medium diameter engineering saw blades should use 30hp  (electric) or 55hp (gasoline or diesel power) above, line speed 35 ~70m/s adjustable speed cutting machine; the power of large diameter saw blade cutting machine is related to the diameter and quantity of saw blades.

2. Correct installation

Whether the diamond circular saw blade is installed correctly or not and the installation accuracy are closely related to the cutting efficiency, cutting quality, and service life of the saw blade. After installation, make sure that the saw blade runs smoothly and does not vibrate during the cutting process (except for the influence of the quality of the saw blade and the rigidity of the cutting machine).

When installing the saw blade, first make sure that the cutting edge direction marked on the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the cutting machine spindle; to clean the contact surfaces of the saw blade installation hole, cutting machine spindle and flange, it is necessary to ensure that they are in contact with each other.

The contact between them is smooth and good; the diameter of the flange should be reasonably selected according to the diameter of the saw blade. If the flange is too small, the end face of the saw blade will swing greatly when used. If the flange is too large, the hanging weight of the spindle will increase, which will also increase the runout and reduce the processing depth of the material.

After installation, the runout value of the saw blade and flange must reach the specified value before use.

3. Reasonable selection of cutting parameters

(1) Coolant

The use of coolant has two functions: one is cooling. Due to the friction and impact between the circular saw blade and the stone during the cutting process, a large amount of heat is generated on the cutting surface, and the heat dissipation of the stone is poor, so that most of the heat is absorbed by the saw blade, especially the diamond bit. It is the first to bear the brunt, which is very easy to cause diamond graphitization, and the cutter head is also easy to be burned and easy to fall off.

Continuously spraying a large amount of coolant to the incision from the front and back and both sides of the saw blade will play a very good role in cooling and protecting the saw blade; another function of using coolant is to flush the chips.

When the coolant rushes to the incision with a certain pressure (generally required hydraulic pressure greater than 0.1MPa), a large number of material chips will be taken away, which is of great benefit to reducing the secondary wear of the chips and the diamond cutter head and matrix.

In addition, if an emulsified coolant is used, the hydrophilic and lipophilic properties of the emulsifier can make the surface of the saw blade and the rock surface adhere to a layer of lubricating oil, which can reduce the friction coefficient during sawing, thereby reducing cutting. resistance, reduce vibration. Chengdu diamond saw blade wholesale

Cooling water is generally used for cooling water, and it is also possible to add an appropriate amount of rust inhibitor and use an emulsifier (saponified dissolved oil, swire oil, and other hydrophilic and lipophilic emulsifiers) in the cooling water.

(2) Linear speed of saw blade

The linear speed of the diamond circular saw blade has a great influence on the cutting. If the linear speed is too low or too high, the wear of the diamond cutter head will be accelerated, the abnormal wear of the saw blade will be accelerated, and the cutting efficiency will also decrease.

This is because when the cutting speed is very low, the contact time between the diamond bit on the saw blade and the material increases correspondingly during each cutting, which intensifies friction, increases heat, and deteriorates heat dissipation and cooling conditions, which intensifies saw blade loss.

If the linear speed is too high, the cutting depth of a single grain of diamond per unit time will decrease, and the friction and wear of the rock on the diamond will be reduced. The loss of the impact increases, and at the same time, the loss is also increased because the diamond is easy to break and fall off.

(3) Cutting productivity

Cutting productivity or cutting efficiency is the product of the cutting depth of the saw blade and the feed speed, that is, the cross-sectional area of the material cut per unit time, expressed in cm2/min or m2/hr.

The practice has shown that for the same material, increasing the cutting depth and feed speed at the same time can improve the cutting productivity, but the abnormal wear of the saw blade is also aggravated, the service life is reduced, and the sawing power is also increased, so the cutting is increased.

Generally, one-time forming cutting can be used when cutting soft materials or strong abrasive materials; medium-diameter saw blades are mostly used for cutting plates, and most of them are one-time cutting, and granite above medium-hardness should be cut in steps

 When the depth of cut is determined, the feed rate can be converted under the condition of certain cutting productivity. In addition, when the power is low or fine cutting is required, lower cutting productivity should be used; if a higher power or rough cutting is used, the cutting productivity should be higher.

It should also be pointed out that in the case of given cutting productivity, the size of the feed speed also has a great influence on the wear of the saw blade: if the feed speed is too high, the wear of the cutter head bond will be accelerated, causing the diamond to fall off prematurely.

When the feeding speed is too low, the binder matrix wears slowly, and the diamond is not easy to be edged or polished, resulting in increased cutting resistance, increased power consumption, and decreased cutting productivity.

In actual operation, the speed of feeding, retracting, and exiting the knife should be slow; the speed during the cutting process should be uniform; the saw blade should run smoothly and reduce vibration.

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