What Are the Basic Components of a Diamond Blade?

What Are the Basic Components of a Diamond Blade?


You can fully understand the basic composition of diamond blades by reading this article in detail, so as to better understand the structure and characteristics of this blade, so as to make better choices.

What Are the Basic Components of a Diamond Blade?
 the basic composition of diamond blades

To choose the right diamond blade, you must really understand some basic information about how the diamond blade is constructed and how it affects its performance. In this article, we will understand the basic components of diamond blades, so as to make a better choice.


The first element of a diamond blade's makeup that we will consider is the core. The core of a diamond blade refers to the base of the blade. Meaning, the blades disc minus the segments (which we sill define momentarily). The core of a diamond blade can come in a variety of designs, thicknesses, and strengths. Blade cores are designed to accommodate various types of segments. So when researching diamond blades, you will often read about cores and encounter some of the following terminologies:

(1) Silent Core;

(2) Premium Core;

(3) Steel Core;

(4) Rigid Core;

(5) Copper Core;

(6) Solid Core;

(7) Reinforced Core;

(8) Stiff Core;

From the list above it is clear that diamond blade cores vary in quality and performance. Knowing which type of blade core performs well with a particular material is learned through testing different blades and determining which types of core work best with a given surface and cutting environment.


The blades segments are the rectangular "teeth" that line the edge of the blade. These segments contain the crystals that actually grind away the stone surface in a narrow path to turn one piece of material into two separate pieces. In everyday terminology, stone workers use the term "cutting" but in reality, a diamond blade actually "grinds" away the stone to form a "kerf".

Diamond blades are manufactured using a variety of methods. The common ways that diamond blades are manufactured include:

(1) Electroplating;

(2) Vacuum Brazing;

(3) Sintering;

Each of the above manufacturing methods uses a particular way of affixing the diamonds to the blade. Each kind of manufacturing method produces blades suitable for certain kinds of cutting on specific materials.


The bond of a diamond blade refers to the way in which diamond crystals are held in place by a sintering process. A blade's bond is made up of various blended metal powders and plays an important part in the overall performance of the blade.

The diamond blade's bond holds the diamonds that actually do the grinding. It has to perform a number of functions in order for the blade to wear in the right way and at the proper speed. This controlled wear is a contributing factor to the blade's efficiency. If the bond wears away too quickly, the diamonds would not be used to their full potential. Conversely, if the bond did not wear, the diamonds would break up and the blade would become dull and lack the ability to "cut" the material.

In addition to the aforementioned role, the bond also acts to move heat away from the cut. Keeping the edge of the blade as cool as possible is important because heat can cause damage to the blade which in turn can become a safety issue.


Diamond blades are available with different "edges". The edge of diamond blades is described using an array of terms. Some of these include:

(1) Continuous Rim;

(2) Split Segment;

(3) J Slotted;

(4) Turbo;

Each of the above rim types lends itself to cutting particular materials. However, what really matters is the overall design of the blade. So when it comes to choosing a diamond blade to cut a surface, think about all the aspects of the blade rather than fixating on one aspect of the product. The diamond blades designed and manufactured by MORETOP take many aspects into consideration to ensure the product's performance and service period.

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