What Are the Different Types of Diamond Blades?

What Are the Different Types of Diamond Blades?


You can read this article to understand the characteristics of the different types of diamond blades so that you can make more accurate choices.

What Are the Different Types of Diamond Blades?
different types of diamond blades

A diamond blade is a saw blade that has diamonds fixed on its edge for cutting hard or abrasive materials. There are many types of diamond blades, and they have many uses. By understanding the characteristics of the following different types of diamond blades, we can make a more accurate selection.

Sintered diamond blade

Sometimes sintered diamond blades referred to as continuous rim blades, these blades are more expensive but tend to be longer-lasting and offer better performance. Sintered blades are made embedding diamond particles in a metal band around the rim of the blade-the diamond extends through the full depth of the rim and so as the metal bond rim wears away, new diamond particles are exposed and keep the blade cutting.

These blades are available in the premium or economy versions-the manufacturing process is essentially the same but a premium blade will be of better quality and should give a cleaner cut. Please note that even though the sintering process will give a more durable blade, they can easily be damaged by incorrect usage (insufficient cooling).

For smaller blades, the sintered metal bond rim will be continuous around the whole rim while for larger blades (above 16 diameters), there may be sections cut out along the rim to improve coolant flow and debris removal-these are called segmented blades.

As the diamond particles are embedded in a metal rim, over time the surface of the metal bond can glaze over the diamond particles and affect cutting performance. If you feel that the blade is not cutting as it should, we recommend “dressing” the blade by cutting into it a few times with an abrasive material (dressing stick, old silicon carbide wheel, house brick, etc). This process re-exposes the diamond particles allowing the blade to cut properly again.

Notched rim diamond blade

A classic notched rim diamond blade is made by pressing diamond grit into the edge of a solid steel core-the process leaves small notches along the rim where the diamond works to cut the material. This is a much cheaper process compared to sintering and so these blades are generally much cheaper. They will not last as long but are very low cost for those on a budget.

They can be made very thin which can be useful for those cutting materials where you want minimal wastage. The notches can be very thin or slightly thicker, but there will be less diamond to work with compared to a sintered blade so factor this in when considering a blade of this type.

Like the sintered blades, these ones can be dressed if they appear to be slowing down but do this only as needed.

Electroplated diamond blade

Electroplated blades are made by electroplating a thin layer of a diamond usually in a nickel-metal bond on onto the surface of the steel blade. As the diamond only adheres in a very thin layer onto the surface of the blade rim, these blades are not as durable as a sintered blade.

One advantage is that they can be made very thin so may suit applications where you want minimal wastage of valuable material. They have also proved popular with many customers as a blade that cuts clean with less chipping.

These are the three most commonly available lapidary saw blades-there are a few other less common types suitable for special applications. Please consider your usage and available budget when selecting a diamond blade.

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