How to Extend the Service Life of Circular Saw Blades?

How to Extend the Service Life of Circular Saw Blades?


If the circular saw blade appears tooth chipping, it will affect the sawing effect and shorten its service life. Today let’s talk about how to extend the service life of circular saw blades.

How to Extend the Service Life of Circular Saw Blades?
how to extend the service life of circular saw blades

After the circular saw blade has been used for a long time, the saw teeth may have chipped edges, the surface of the workpiece will be fluffed, and the sawing power may increase sharply. In order for the saw blade to exert its best performance and prolong its service life, it must be used in strict accordance with the following specifications.

1. For saw blades of different specifications and purposes, the angle of the blade head and the form of the base body are different, so try to use them according to their corresponding occasions.

2. The size and shape accuracy of the main shaft and splint of the equipment have a great influence on the use effect. Check and adjust before installing the saw blade. In particular, the factors that affect the clamping force on the contact surface of the splint and the saw blade and cause the displacement and slip must be eliminated.

3. Pay attention to the working conditions of the saw blade at any time. If abnormalities occur, such as vibration, noise, and material removal on the processing surface, it must be shut down and adjusted in time, and sharpened in time to maintain sharpness.

4. The original angle of the sharpening saw blade should not be changed to avoid local sudden heating and cooling of the blade. It is best to ask professional staff to sharpen it.

5. Saw blades that are not used for the time being should be hung vertically to avoid laying them flat for a long time, and should not be piled on top of them. The blades should be protected and not allowed to collide.

6. When installing the alloy saw blade, you must first confirm the performance and purpose of the saw table. It is best to read the saw table's manual first. In order to avoid incorrect installation and cause accidents.

7. When installing the alloy saw blade, you must first check whether the alloy saw blade is cracked, distorted, flattened, or tooth-dropped, etc., before installing it.

8. After installing the alloy saw blade, it must be confirmed whether the center hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. If there is a gasket, the gasket must be set. Then, gently push the saw blade with your hand to confirm whether the saw blade rotates eccentrically.

The diameter of the flange should be adapted to the saw blade, and the size should be slightly larger than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade, and the flange of 1/2 saw blade diameter should be used for the thin blade, which has better sawing effect.

9. The cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the alloy saw blade must be aligned with the rotation direction of the saw table. It is strictly forbidden to install it in the opposite direction, the wrong direction will cause the gear to fall.

10. After the circular saw blade has been used many times, the saw teeth should be cleaned to remove the resin, wood chips, and other debris attached to both sides of the saw teeth, otherwise, it will have a greater impact on the processing effect of the saw blade.

11. When storing circular saw blades, the saw blades should not be stacked together, and the saw blades should be placed in the original carton.

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