What Should We Pay Attention to when Maintaining Circular Saw Blades?

What Should We Pay Attention to when Maintaining Circular Saw Blades?


Only the correct maintenance of the circular saw blade can reduce its wear during operation and extend its service life. This article will specifically introduce the precautions of maintaining circular saw blades.

What Should We Pay Attention to when Maintaining Circular Saw Blades?
the precautions of maintaining circular saw blades

After a large number of operations of a circular saw blade, the saw teeth will wear out. If maintenance and grinding are not performed in time at this time, the sawing effect is likely to be unsatisfactory, and even the teeth may collapse or even break during operation. The followings are the precautions of maintaining circular saw blades.

1. The alloy head of the cemented carbide disc saw blade has a sharp and sensitive cutting edge. Therefore, during the movement, installation, and disassembly of the saw blade, the alloy head must be carefully protected from damage.

2. Regularly check the radial runout (±0.02mm) and swing (±0.01mm) of the machine spindle.

3. The sundries on the spindle and flange must be removed before the circular saw blade is installed. The flange surface should be flat and clean and intersect the shaft perpendicularly.

4. Use the largest possible flange to make the saw blade run more smoothly. If the size of the flange is 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade, the cutting effect will be better (especially thin saw blades).

5. The circular saw blade should be idling for 30 seconds after the installation is stable, and then start cutting work after confirming that everything is normal.

6. When installing the circular saw blade, the flange nut must be moderately tight. A too loose saw blade will slip during rotating cutting, and a too-tight saw blade will be deformed by internal injuries, which will affect the cutting effect.

7. Before cutting the saw blade, the operator must bring protective equipment (protective glasses, dust mask, safety helmet, protective gloves) and check whether the saw machine protective cover is intact.

8. In the following situations, grinding should be done in time.

(1) When the cutting quality no longer meets the requirements.

(2) When the energy consumption of the machine tool increases significantly.

(3) When the edge of the cutting material has obvious burst.

(4) When the alloy cutting edge wear reaches 0.2mm.

Timely grinding is very important, because when the saw blade is not sharp, the saw body will heat up, and at the same time, it will cause excessive load and reduce the service life of the saw blade. Continue cutting when it is time to grind, and each additional 10% of the cutting amount will bring an additional 50% of alloy damage and shorten the service life of the saw blade.

9. The resin, debris, and other debris gathered on the saw teeth and the side of the saw must be regularly removed because the accumulation of adherents will increase resistance and cause high energy consumption (in extreme cases, it will cause the burning of the machine motor) and rough cutting quality. If the cutting edge is blunt at the same time, it may cause damage to the saw teeth.

10. Avoid using corrosive solvents when cleaning. When the saw blade is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and sharpened, oiled for anti-rust treatment, and placed in the original carton before placing it properly.

11. Adopt a precise, stable, and vibration-free sharpening machine, and a suitable diamond grinding wheel. Grinding the alloy head in accordance with the prescribed operating procedures will extend the service life of the saw blade. Please do not use manual sharpening equipment.

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