The Process and Precautions of Sharpening Circular Saw Blades

The Process and Precautions of Sharpening Circular Saw Blades


The circular saw blade needs to be sharpened after a long time of use so that its sawing effect will not be affected. This article will specifically introduce the technical process and precautions of sharpening circular saw blades.

The Process and Precautions of Sharpening Circular Saw Blades
the process flow and precautions for sharpening circular saw blades

To sharpen the teeth of a circular saw blade, you must first use a professional circular saw blade sharpener. In addition to the strict requirements for the sharpening wheel, motor, workbench, and other equipment, it also needs to be equipped with a suitable sharpening fluid (cutting fluid). The main effect of this is to cool the cutter head while improving the flatness of the cutting surface and improving the sharpening effect. The following is the process flow and precautions for sharpening circular saw blades.

Process flow

Now briefly introduce the sharpening process and related technical standards.

1. Put the circular saw blade to be sharpened in warm water at 50 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, then clean and remove rust. After removing the adhesive, perform a preliminary visual inspection. Products with obvious defects cannot continue to be ground.

2. Then use the measuring instrument to detect the angle, including the detection of the front angle of the tooth, the rearfoot, and the side angle (to see if there are cracks, missing corners, etc.), and then magnify 50-100 times on the projector to determine the wear condition of the saw blade at the original angle. If the missing angle of the tooth is small, the amount of sharpening can be increased appropriately.

3. If there is a saw tooth that needs to be replaced, use an automatic gear welding machine for tooth replacement.

4. Next, perform stress correction on the circular saw blade. This step is a very critical process for grinding circular saw blades and requires very experienced professionals to complete. During the high-speed operation of the circular saw blade, due to the external force, the stress of the circular saw blade changes, so the saw path becomes larger and the surface is rough. We need to make stress adjustments at least twice. If it can be calibrated within the standard range, the cutting quality can be guaranteed.


1. After the circular saw blade is used for a certain period of time, the effect of the processed product will be unsatisfactory (such as bursts, burrs) and the energy consumption of the machine tool increases significantly, the circular saw blade should be sharpened in time.

2. When sharpening circular saw blades, a precise, stable, and vibration-free automatic CNC gear sharpening machine and a suitable diamond sharpening wheel should be used. The sharpening must be carried out in accordance with the prescribed operating procedures. Do not use manual sharpening equipment.

3. Before sharpening, use professional equipment to wash away the resin debris and other debris stuck on the circular saw blade.

4. When sharpening, pay attention to the sharpening in strict accordance with the original geometric design angle. It is recommended to sharpen the front and back angles to ensure the longest service life.

5. In order to prevent large wear of the sharpening wheel, it is necessary to leave enough side protrusions from the side of the sawtooth to the saw body. On the other hand, the largest side protrusion should not be greater than 1.0-1.2 mm to ensure the stability of the saw blade.

6. Try to ensure the chip removal space to avoid the situation of sharpening the chip flutes at the same time due to the sharpening of the saw teeth.

7. If the sawtooth chipped off, you must go to the sharpening center to change the tooth. 

If the circular saw blade can be finely ground, a good sawing effect can be achieved and its service life can be prolonged. If you want to learn more about circular saw blades after reading the above content, you can get professional solutions by contacting us.

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