How to Debug the Circular Saw Blade for Metal?

How to Debug the Circular Saw Blade for Metal?


When the circular saw blade for metal is in use, it needs to be debugged to ensure the stability and safety of the sawing. This article will specifically introduce the debugging method of the circular saw blade for metal.

How to Debug the Circular Saw Blade for Metal?
the specific debugging methods and precautions for circular saw blades for metals

If the circular saw blade is not adjusted correctly, the quality of the sawing workpiece will be unstable, and even cracks or chipping may occur. It may also affect the performance and service life of the equipment. Therefore, the correct debugging of the circular saw blade for metal is very important for cutting equipment. The following are the specific debugging methods and precautions for circular saw blades for metals.  

1. First of all, clean the flange of the equipment, maintain a good working environment, carefully check the direction of the circular saw blade for metal, and do not install it in reverse. By observing the trademark on the circular saw blade, turn the side with the trademark up and tighten it with the designated screws.

2. Wipe and clean the equipment and required items and place them in the designated position. When debugging, make sure to lock them with specific screws, and then check for looseness. Need to pay attention to the fixed position of the protective cover to ensure safety. Clean the position of the guide rail, and gently test it with your hands to see if it is correct, to ensure that the rotation is smooth and there is no tooth jamming.

3. Pay special attention to the fact that the wire brush of the circular saw blade for metal must be adjusted accurately, otherwise unforeseen failures will occur. Take the serration bag as the criterion. When the equipment is in operation, the circular saw blade is rotating. After the power is cut off, there will be a rotation process. After the saw blade is completely stationary, it can be replaced and adjusted by touching it by hand. Please make sure that the equipment is stopped, and the saw blade cover is opened after the saw blade is stationary. When replacing the saw blade, the power supply must be cut off first.

4. It is necessary to check the forward end of the equipment, the proximity switch, and the saw blade cover on the transverse clamping seat, to ensure that all metal materials are set to correspond, and there is no need to adjust the position of the back end.

5. When the metal cutting equipment needs to cut irregular materials, move it toward the switch position of the horizontal clamping, loosen the screw slightly, and adjust the fixing frame according to the actual situation. If the device is in operation, and the LS induction block cannot be adjusted at this time, it must be adjusted after the device is completely stationary. Please cut off the power at the same time, otherwise, it is very easy to cause an accident.

6.Regarding the oil mist of the circular saw blade for metal, it is a non-edible liquid, and the drip rate is about one drop every ten seconds. If you accidentally get into the body, you must induce vomiting immediately. If the amount is too much, you should seek medical attention immediately. If oil mist enters your eyes during use, please rinse with plenty of water immediately. In winter or when the temperature is low, take protective measures to avoid freezing.

When we use a circular saw blade for metals for cutting, we need to keep the above settings in mind and debugging to ensure the quality of the workpiece. After reviewing the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us if you want to learn more about circular saw blades.

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