How to choose carbide circular saw blades correctly

How to choose carbide circular saw blades correctly


Cemented carbide saw blades include multiple parameters such as the type, diameter, number of teeth, tooth profile, and angle of the alloy blade. These parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade.

How to choose carbide circular saw blades correctly

In our daily work, choosing a good cutting tool will greatly improve our work efficiency. Therefore, when choosing a high-quality hardened saw blade, we should consider the type, diameter, number of teeth, tooth profile, and angle of the alloy cutter head. , And many other parameters to choose, these parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade. In addition, the alloy particles used in high-quality saw blades are thicker and larger, because such alloy saw teeth can be sharpened repeatedly and have a long service life. This article will introduce a series of parameters of carbide circular saw blades.

1. The choice of the type of cemented carbide.

Commonly used cemented carbide types are tungsten-cobalt alloy and tungsten-titanium alloy. Because tungsten-cobalt-based cemented carbide has better impact resistance, it is more widely used in the wood cutting industry.

2. The quality of the saw blade is very important. 

As the saw blade adjusts its rotation, it must transmit cutting force and maintain working stability. A good saw blade not only has static geometric dimensions and accuracy, but more importantly, its dynamic characteristics. When the saw blade is continuously cut, the heat generated by the alloy saw tooth cutting will be transferred to the saw board, which will increase the temperature of the saw board. In this case, a high-quality saw board can maintain the accuracy of the sentence, while a poor-quality saw blade will warp the saw board and affect the accuracy of sawing.

3. The choice of serration angle.

The angle parameters of the sawtooth part are more complex and the most professional. The correct selection of the angle parameters of the saw blade is the key to determining the quality of the sawing. The most important angle parameters are the rake angle, the rear angle and the wedge angle. The rake angle mainly affects the force consumed by sawing wood chips. The larger the rake angle, the better the sharpness of the sawtooth cutting, the lighter the sawing, the less effort is required to push the material. Generally, when the processed material is soft, choose a larger rake angle, otherwise choose a smaller rake angle. The angle of the serration is the position of the serration when cutting. The angle of the serration affects the cutting performance.

4. Selection of the number of teeth.

The number of teeth of the saw tooth, generally speaking, the more the number of teeth, the more cutting edge per unit time, the better the cutting performance, but the more the number of cutting teeth, the more cemented carbide needs to be used, and the higher the price of the saw blade. If the teeth are too dense, the chip volume between the teeth will become smaller, which will easily cause the saw blade to heat up; in addition, too many saw teeth, improper feed matching, and the small cutting amount of each saw tooth will increase the friction between the cutting edge and the workpiece, and affect the cutting edge. Service life... Usually the tooth pitch is 15-25mm, and a reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the sawing material.

In summary, it’s necessary to consider the multiple parameters while choosing the right alloy circular saw blade. If you want to know more about circular saw blades, you can contact us for more comprehensive knowledge of circular saw blades.

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